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7/26/2016 - Volleyball Coaches Wanted

7/22/2016 - Fall Volleyball Teams

  • Training starts August 15th
  • Over 30 hours of training
  • Five competition dates
  • Fall Team Page


  • Congratulations to Crossfire 15-1 on the 2nd Place finish at USAV Nationals in Indianapolis in the National Division
  • Results Page


  • Congratulations to Crossfire 17-1 for their 3rd Place finish at AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL in the Club Division
  • Results Page

Summer Training

Crossfire Volleyball is revolutionizing the summer training experience by offering quality volleyball training at a great value to accommodate a flexible summer schedule. 

Summer Training Overview Page

Advanced Skills Training - 6th-12th grade, and college players

Friday Morning Elite Scrimmage - 9th-12th, and college players

Evening Elite Scrimmage in August - 9th-12th grade

Serving & Ball Control Camps - 4th to 8th grade

General Skill Camps - 4th to 8th Grade

General Skill Camps - 9th to 12th Grade

Evening Skills & Scrimmage in July - 6th to 12th Grade

Evening Skills & Scrimmage in August - 6th to 8th Grade