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Crossfire's top priority is excellence in volleyball training and skill development. In order to facilitate this, we seek to employ the strong coaches to lead our athletes. Feedback from parents and athletes affirms we have a special group of coaches at Crossfire. 
All volleyball coaches are "in process" and continually developing their skills. What makes Crossfire different is that we make a significant investment in the ongoing development of our coaching staff. We provide resources both internally and externally to equip our coaches to meet the needs of young volleyball athletes. 
Are you a volleyball coach who might be interested in coaching for Crossfire? Please complete the online coaching application

Coach Application Here

laura kasey

Coach Training Consultant

kaylee slagter

Jenay Michael

Maria Claflin

kari asfahl

tom fuglestad

Kayla Walton

Brenda Dejesus

Rachel Erickson

Sydney Franz

Megan Hildebrandt

john barnes

Jessica Velander

mel smith

Anna Rahier

lisa murphy

Kelsey Sather

soleil newland

Lindsey McAuley

faith ooms

brittany prater

ray richetto

Emma Schaefer

steffanie larson

Marylyn Schroyer

kevin craig

angel moin

Kalley Schwitters

becky shaheen

kaylin smith

Kara Simonson

hannah lindstrom

Taylor Tody

ceyerra alsaker

Jackie thoennes

Christa Vogt

beth wilmeth