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Club Overview

Why Crossfire Volleyball?

Competitive Elite Teams
Entering our 18th year of volleyball training, Crossfire Volleyball has a proven track record of elite team success. In just the last few years, Crossfire has had a team finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their respective divisions at the AAU National Volleyball Championships in Orlando, Florida, which is the largest volleyball tournament in the world. On the local level, our teams posted many high finishes in events around the state. 
Developmental Teams and Training Opportunities
While many of our athletes are quite advanced, we feel it's important to provide training opportunities for those new to the sport. During the summer we offer general skill camps for 4th to 12th grade girls. Our fall league for 4th to 8th grade athletes is a great team option for young athletes who are new to volleyball as well as advanced players. Our Youth Development Program is an entry level option for 4th to 6th grade girls to build a foundation of fundamental skills.
Outstanding Coaches
Our coaches make the difference and are the backbone of our club. Using the language of Joe Ehrmann from InsideOut Coaching, we look for "transformational coaches" to lead our fine group of young athletes. Our objective is to take a strong group of coaches and make them better by providing training from within our organization.  
Faith-Based Organization
Using an education parallel, Crossfire is similar to a private, Christian school where elements of faith are invited to be part of our athletic training experience. Honoring God with our gifts and abilities, handling adversity, overcoming fear, building self-confidence, competing with integrity, and exhibiting good sportsmanship are some of the faith and character-building lessons we seek to teach and reinforce.
Although Crossfire incorporates the Christian faith as part of the athletic training experience, all athletes are welcome no matter their faith journey. Resources that may be used in our team meeting times include the Fellowship of Christian Athlete's Bible and devotional lessons, Growing Leaders curriculum by Dr. Tim Elmore, mental training videos by Joshua Medcalf, 3D coaching by Jeff Duke, and other lessons developed by Crossfire coaches. 
Competitive Tournaments
For all Crossfire teams we do our best to select tournaments that will provide a positive and competitive experience. Crossfire runs a number of tournaments at Bethel University and Spring Lake Park High School, which are good venues for players and spectators. Our elite teams play a highly competitive tournament schedule against some of the strongest teams in our region and beyond. 
Under Armour Sponsored Club
Crossfire is proud be be sponsored by Under Armour, providing high-quality apparel and gear for Crossfire athletes. 
Strength & Agility Training
Our elite players (age 13 on up) will benefit from the strength and agility training offered through N1 Motion. With the volleyball athlete in mind, Viverant offers a proven curriculum designed to maximize the athlete's speed, power and agility.