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Parent Feedback


"Crossfire makes all the difference in the world. (Our coaches) took a tentative girl, afraid of making mistakes, and turned her into a confident, aggressive hitter and blocker. She is no longer a follower, but a leader on the court. Her strength has improved through the Velocity program, and she actually looked forward to practices. She came home each night saying she loved this team, and was sad when the season came to an end."

"Having only watched recreational volleyball prior to Crossfire, we were completely blown away at the level of skill that we saw from the girls throughout the season.  Further, the coach was phenomenal.  She was positive and energetic at all events, and the girls clearly respected and loved playing for her.  We are looking forward to many more seasons at Crossfire!"

"My daughter had an incredible experience playing at Crossfire last winter.  She was new to Crossfire and did not know any of the players; who all already knew each other.  All the players, and their parents, made my daughter feel welcome.  The coaching was positive, specific to my daughter’s particular needs and she improved greatly as an outside hitter; especially her blocking skills.  The coach, and Crossfire staff, were very responsive to our calls and emails; this is an incredibly well-organized program. My daughter cannot wait to tryout for Crossfire again this year."

"We have been so pleased with the Crossfire Volleyball program.  Our daughter’s playing skills have increased tremendously.  She loves her teammates and coaches.  The coaches have consistently been positive and encouraging, and they are helping our daughter pursue her dream to play college volleyball.  Thank you so much!"

"(My daughter) improved so much at Crossfire. Not just as a player, but as a person. It's hard to describe the full impact it made on her in words. She recently attended a camp (at a local college) and the coach singled her out, asking her to consider joining (the) team and attend college there next fall. (The coach) was so impressed with her skills and work ethic, thanks to Crossfire."

"I cannot say enough positives about our daughter’s experience at Crossfire.  It has been the perfect balance of faith, friendship, and competition.   The coaches supported our daughter in volleyball, in her life choices and challenges, and in her faith. They guided her team to compete at a high level but always play with graciousness and good intent.  Her teammates have become her best friends and were the kind of peers that provided kindness and support.  In my opinion, Crossfire has become one of the most competitive clubs in the Twin Cities.   The players are top notch and the training and competition level is phenomenal ….  all resulting in great showings in many tournaments including a national championship team."

"As a parent I selected a program that I knew would develop my daughter on many different levels:  faith, strength, and skill. . .  and that program was Crossfire.  Crossfire has grown to be a very competitive club over the years, but their mission remains the same spiritual, athletic, and personal growth!  My daughter has had much growth this past year through her experience at Crossfire both on and off the court, but more importantly, she has been blessed with lasting friendships."

"My husband & I were extremely impressed with Crossfire! Through this organization we saw our daughter blossom on & off the court. Her passion for the sport not only increased but so did her skills! More importantly this experience developed a confidence in her that will impact her for life! Crossfire's staff is exceptional, supportive & determined to help them grow successfully in all areas of their life!"

"My daughter has played for Crossfire for 4 years and I am sad to say that this coming season will be her 5th and final season at Crossfire as she will be a senior this fall. However, because of Crossfire she will have the chance to play in college after she graduates.  From the coaches she has played for, the girls she has played with and the very competitive tournaments she has played in - this has allowed her to get exposure to many college coaches.  Along with the volleyball experience, she has made some very good friends and I have also been able to meet many awesome parents."

"Crossfire has given my daughter so much opportunity to improve in her volleyball skills and knowledge about the game. The organization cares about its athletes even outside of JO season.  My daughter was able to continue playing the sport she loves and improving in volleyball through a variety of offerings through the spring, summer and fall that were affordable. The partnership with Velocity allows it to mix amazing volleyball training with great physical training.  The faith-based component that Crossfire adds to the training culture helps my daughter to not only grow in sports but helps her in making the right choices as she grows into her teen years."

"I cannot say enough good things about Crossfire Volleyball. We came to this club because of all the positive interactions we had playing against them in the past.  From the top rate coaching staff at the high levels to the positive Christian influence given at both practices and games, this has truly been a wonderful experience! College volleyball is definitely in her future and I thank Crossfire for helping her achieve this goal!"

“Playing Crossfire Volleyball has been a life-changing experience for our daughter in several areas.  She has met her best friends there, it provided years of helpful physical exercise during the long Minnesota winters, and it gave her the opportunity to play varsity volleyball in both high school and college. The faith-based aspect of the program helped provide the impetus for her to attend a Christian university.  We will always be grateful to the Crossfire program for the impact it has had on her."

"The combination of great coaching combined with extensive skill and strength training resulted in a very noticeable improvement in the team performance throughout the season. Every single player improved. The strength training also crossed over to benefit my daughter in the other sports she plays."

"Last year was our first time with Crossfire and we were pleasantly surprised at what we encountered. My daughter, who knew no one, claims that her team consisted of the best girls she will ever have on a team and no team will compare to this team. As parents, we loved the Christian aspect and seeing the girls pray before a match is priceless. The volleyball training is top notch which included experienced trainers from Velocity."

"Crossfire Volleyball is a competitive club that focuses on developing sound volleyball players with strong fundamentals.  This program also strives to develop well rounded individuals by incorporating a solid Christian philosophy.  The coaches are top notch and make sure the girls remain challenged by enabling them to play in high quality tournaments and at levels that push them to continually improve.  The strength and conditioning program, that is a part of each practice, helped enhance my daughter’s strength, endurance, and agility throughout the season.  Crossfire Volleyball has positively impacted our daughter both on and off the court!"