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Advanced Skills Class

Advanced skill classes offer you the flexibility to train on your own schedule during the summer months. Lisa Halvorsen, Kevin Craig, Kaylee Fuglestad and other experienced coaches will be involved in the advanced skills training. 

These one-hour training classes are offered Monday through Thursday starting June 10th. Each class will consist of a brief warmup time, positional skill focus on one or more skill development area, and a gameplay activity if the numbers and positions allow.

Only advanced and experienced players should register for the advanced skill classes. Newer players to the sport should not participate in these training sessions, but should sign up for the afternoon summer programs. Crossfire reserves the right to re-assign an athlete to a different program or issue a refund if a player is not a good fit for a class. Only register if you qualify based on the conditions below:

  • 9th to 12th Grade: 2 years of volleyball team experience, strong ball control skills, and proficiency in one or more of the positional areas (defense, setting, attacking). 
  • 6th to 8th Grade: 1 year of volleyball team experience, basic ball control skills, overhand serve ability, or proficiency in one or more of the positional areas (defense, setting, attacking). 

Click the age level for more information and times.

     9th to 12th Grade Players (in the fall of 2019)

     6th to 8th Grade Players (in the fall of 2019)