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Performance Training

program information

Crossfire and N1 Motion are teaming up for Summer 2020 Performance Training. This summer program helps athletes take their game to new heights by improving their vertical jump, explosive strength, speed, quickness, core, mobility, and injury prevention. A perfect complement to volleyball training.
All classes are held at the Crossfire Training Center
Girls and boys age 12 and up, or entering 6th to 12th grade in the fall of 2020
June 15th to August 13th (Monday through Thursday) 
One hour of training at 9:00am, 10:00am, or 11:00am

performance session details

In a 60 minute performance session athletes will begin with a dynamic warm up to boost core body temperature, mobility, and muscle activation to prime the body for the workout of the day. From there, athletes will go through the movement focus of the day (changes daily) addressing vertical jump mechanics, speed technique, and change of direction mechanics to enhance quickness and explosiveness. The remainder of the session will be spent working on developing sport specific strength with free weights. Each athlete will receive a personalized program specific to their age and ability level that progresses every 4 weeks, so as the athlete gets stronger, the program will increase in intensity gradually over time for optimal results!

The strength training segment for each week will look as follows (Mondays - Lower Strength, Tuesdays - Upper Strength, Wednesdays - Lower Strength, Thursdays - Upper Strength). Because of the personalized nature of our strength program, there will also be total body routines available for athletes do not attend 4 performance training session/week. 

Athletes who combine volleyball skills or basketball skills with strength training should not worry about over training. Our philosophy is quality repetitions vs quantity. High volume workouts put more stress on athletes which make them more prone to overtraining. Our approach enables athletes to still do their skill training while training 4 days per week without overworking their body. We do this with science based programing and considering athlete load demands. To prevent over training, athletes should focus on balanced nutrition, rest, and quality sleep to ensure proper recovery between workouts. 

registration options

Registration for individual sessions will open on June 1, 2020. Space is limited and classes will close when the maximum threshold is met.
No walk-ins, no refunds and registrations will close 48 hours before each session. 
OPTION #2 - ONE HOUR ALL ACCESS PASS @ $480 (best value)
Register for one time slot (9, 10, or 11am) and attend only that time slot during the entire length of the session (June 15th to August 13th). 
Athlete participates in 36 classes for the cost of 16!
ALL ACCESS PASSES are limited. Registration will close on May 31, 2020, or earlier if maximum capacity is reached.

about n1 motion

N1 Motion is a fitness company that provides comprehensive training solutions. They specialize in maximizing athletic potential by enhancing biomechanical efficiency, developing a strong core foundation, increasing rate of force production, and improving dysfunctional movement patterns to optimize performance and minimize injury risk. What makes their program unique is their science based programing, technology integration, and expert coaching.
Science Based Programming
All N1 Motion programs are science-based, meaning they are constructed on science-based principles to elicit the desired outcome of their systematic and progressive program. These methods have been tested and proven to get results. Some of the key principles that our programs are based on are systematic periodization, general adaptation syndrome (GAS), and Excess Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).
Technology Integration
N1 Motion’s cutting edge performance program integrates technology through their mobile app to give athletes the opportunity to log workouts, track data, access resources like nutrition guides, and more. They also utilize technology to assess and measure athletic performance metrics for tangible results in increased performance.
Expert Coaching
N1 Motion has educated coaches who have degrees and certifications in exercise science or a related field. They also have experience and understand how the human body functions, how to make modifications for athletes to maximize their capabilities, and how to motivate each individual to be at their best!
N1 Motion Training Philosophy
Our science based program provides performance optimization solutions by setting a foundation, fine tuning movement patterns, and placing the highest emphasis on applied and measurable performance so our athletes always know where they stand. The small group setting gives our expert performance coaches the ability to get hands on and deliver the best results possible while maximizing safety and performance. N1 Motion is dedicated to empowering all athletes to reach their performance goals.