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2021 Guidelines

Welcome to the new season of competitive events at Crossfire Volleyball. While it’s certainly different than last year, we look forward to bringing back the spirit of competition in a safe and healthy manner. To that end, we must ensure that everyone cooperates and complies with Crossfire’s Facility & Event Policies described below.


  • Club Directors are responsible for communicating all tournament information and policies to participating athletes, coaches and parents.  


Tournament Location

  • Crossfire Training Center is located on Hwy 169, about one mile north of Hwy 610 in Champlin.
  • Address: 8900 109th Ave. N., Suite 700, Champlin, MN 55316


  • First of all, do not enter our facility if you are feeling ill, or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. 
  • Doors will open 35 minutes before the start of each wave time. Do not arrive prior to that time to allow for transitioning and cleaning for a new group.
  • Enter our facility with a mask, which must be worn at all times by everyone entering our facility.
  • Upon arrival, temperature checks will be conducted and hands are required to be washed/sanitized.
  • Players will be directed to a specific team area to nest. Maintain social distancing and clean up the area at the end of the day.

No Spectators

  • Due to state-mandated facility limits and spacing guidelines, only participating athletes, coaches, officials and tournament staff are allowed inside the tournament facility.

BallerTV – Online Streaming

  • Crossfire has contracted with Baller TV to broadcast live matches at all our events. These events will also be stored on the Baller TV site for viewing at a later time. Baller TV is a subscription service, and like any other streaming service… there is a “monthly" fee and you get to select the package you desire.  We chose the same streaming service that will also broadcast two major volleyball events in our area – the Big City Luau and President’s Day Challenge. As a result, your subscription will cover these events in addition to any Crossfire events through May 2021. The annual plan through Baller TV allows four simultaneous viewers to access the platform in order to share the experience for grandparents and other family members.
  • To subscribe, or to answer questions about packages, pricing or terms, contact directly.

Facility Guidelines

  • Crossfire Training Center is committed to a healthy, safe and clean training environment. We utilize a Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) unit that produces a powerful cleaner, sanitizer and disinfectant when tap water is combined with electricity to produce O3. It is a safe, sustainable and “green” alternative to toxic chemicals and cleaners.
  • While we do our best to keep our facility clean, we need your help. Please clean up after yourself in your nesting area and in the bench area after a match.
  • Masks are required at all times for participating athletes, coaches, officials and tournament staff. Plastic face shields are not an adequate substitute for face masks as they present a safety hazard to themselves and other athletes.
  • Social distancing at a 6’ minimum is still a standard, even though masks are required. Whether nesting in an area or while on the bench during competition, spacing needs to be maintained.
  • Athletes should bring their own water bottle for the day. The drinking fountain is turned off, but the water dispenser is available for refilling bottles.
  • Tournament staff will clean bathrooms and common use areas and surfaces throughout the day. Immediately report any spills or areas that need attention to our tournament staff.


  • General information for all age levels
    • No coaches meeting, however, a tournament staff member will be available answer any questions regarding procedures or format.  
    • Pool play, no playoffs.
    • Matches will be best of three sets. First two sets to 25 no cap. A third set will be played only if necessary to 15 points no cap. If a match is decided in two sets, the match is over and the athletes should take a break until the other match in their pool is complete. 
    • Masks are required on the court at all times for athletes, coaches and officials.
    • Teams will stay on one side of the court for the entire match.
    • No handshakes will take place between teams.
    • Prior to first match of the day, the serving team will warmup for 4 minutes, followed by the receiving team for 4 minutes. No warmups will take place after the first match. 
    • Coaches and players on the bench must maintain 6 foot spacing.
    • Warmup volleyballs are provided. Do not bring your own volleyballs.
    • To keep within the capacity limits per court, we ask that each team bring no more than 12 total athletes and coaches to our event.
    • 55-minute match timeframe. Matches will start at the designated time on the schedule and will not exceed 55 minutes in order to remain on schedule and allow adequate time to clean the facility between waves. If the match is decided in 2 sets, do not play a 3rd set. Completing a full match should be no problem if participating teams start on time and keep things moving throughout the competition. If time limit has been reached, the team that is up by 2 points at the conclusion of play will be the winner of the match.
    • USA Volleyball indoor rules govern play at Crossfire events.
  • 12U & Youth Development Format
    • Teams play twice and officiate once
    • Lower net and lite ball will be used
    • The officiating team will provide an up official and scorekeeper, as long as the total court limit does not exceed 25 players.
    • A shorter serving line, right up to the 10’ line, is allowed in Crossfire playdates to encourage success for any young volleyball players. Never should this relaxed rule be used as a competitive advantage. If a player moves way up, but serves the ball near the back part of the opposing court, she should move back to serve. Coaches need to manage their players in this regard. The up official reserves the right to ask a serving player to move back.
    • Maximum of 4 serves. When 4-in-a-row are served by the same player, the serving team retains the serve and rotates to the next server.
  • 13U to 16U Format (teams paid a higher fee for 3 matches and a paid up official)
    • Teams play in three consecutive matches
    • Up official provided
    • One team will keep the flip scoreboard, the other team will keep the Baller TV electronic score pad. The up official will make the final decision on any scoring discrepancies.
    • Due to court space limitations, there will not be an officiating team, and therefore no official scorebook or libero tracker. Coaches and athletes are use the “honor system” regarding rosters, substitutions, rule violations, and in/out calls.
    • The up official is the ultimate authority to make the calls and apply the rules to the best of his/her ability.

JVA-Sanctioned Event

  • This tournament is a JVA-sanctioned event.
  • Coaches must possess a Waiver of Liability Form and Waiver and Release Form (a USAV Medical Waiver and Release Form is acceptable). These waivers are not to be sent to Crossfire.
  • If an individual is injured during participation at our event, it is the coach’s responsibility to secure a JVA Incident Report from the Tournament Director.
  • Coaches attending a Crossfire event must be cleared through a background screen, SafeSport certified or Abuse Prevention Systems (APS) certified, and concussion training.
  • For more information about the Junior Volleyball Association (JVA) go to or contact Lisa at