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Summer Advanced VB Skills 6th-12th

Advanced Skills sessions offer the flexibility to train throughout the summer months. Sessions consist of a brief warm-up, positional skill focus in one or more skill development areas, and a gameplay activity as numbers and positions allow. Varied training drills provide athletes with the reps needed for skill mastery.
Flexible participation options offer training all summer long (All Access Pass) or day by day (Single Session). 

Athlete Qualifications

Only register if you qualify based on the conditions below:
  • 9th to 12th Grade: Strong, consistent ball control skills, mastered overhand serve, and proficiency in one or more of the positional areas (defense, setting, attacking). At least 2+ years of high level volleyball team experience. 
  • 6th to 8th Grade: Consistent ball control skills, overhand serve ability, or proficiency in one or more of the positional areas (defense, setting, attacking). At least 2+ years of high level volleyball experience.

Players who do NOT meet these qualifications should register for the General Skills program. Crossfire reserves the right to reassign players who are not a good fit for the Advanced Skills program.

Defensive Focus

Defensive Specialists, Setters, Outside Hitters (other hitters are also welcome)
Skill Areas: Defense, Passing, Serve Receive, Serving
  • DS/L - Passing/ball control, technique refinement, reading, transitioning, serve receive, serving
  • Setter - Passing/ball control, digging, serving
  • Outside - Passing/ball control, back/front row defense, serving
  • Middle & Right - Hitters who play all around or want to work on their defense are welcome to attend this session. Serve receive reps, back/front row defense, serving.

Offensive Focus

Setters and All Hitters
Skill Areas: Setting, Attacking, Blocking
  • Setters - Many setting reps & technique evaluation; setting consistency; decision-making, fast tempo setting
  • All hitters - Transitioning, attacking, blocking, fast tempo attack work, technique refinement


Crossfire Training Center 
8900 109th Ave N, #700
Champlin, MN 55316 MAP

training focus/days/times

Defense 9th-12th (in Fall '22) 9am-10am M-Th 6/13-8/11 (except 7/4&5)
Offense 9th-12th (in Fall '22) 10am-11am M-Th 6/13-8/11 (except 7/4&5)
Defense 6th-8th (in Fall '22) 11am-12pm M-Th 6/13-8/11 (except 7/4&5)
Offense 6th-8th (in Fall '22) 12pm-1pm M-Th 6/13-8/11 (except 7/4&5)

Participation Levels/Fees

Options Length Focus Dates Offered Fee Walk-ins?
All Access Pass/2 HR 2 Hours/Day Offense (and) Defense June 13th-Aug 11th $980/2 Hour Pass ($15/session) No
All Access Pass/1 HR 1 Hour/Day Offense (or) Defense - can alternate as desired June 13th-Aug 11th $665/1 Hour Pass ($20/session) No
Single Session* 1 Hour Offense (or) Defense July 11th-Aug 11th $35/1 Hour Session No

*Single Session registration closes each Friday at 5pm for the following week's sessions.