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2022 Crossfire Events

  • JVA Sanctioned. Any team can play in our events (NCR, USAV, JVA, unaffiliated or non-sanctioned teams). 
  • Online Score Posting. Track results online for all Crossfire playdates through Advanced Event Systems (AES).
  • Warmup Balls Provided at all Crossfire events. No need to haul around your own ball bag and cart. 

2022 Crossfire Tournament Registration

All event registrations must be made online by a team or club representative. 

Email HERE with tournament reg questions. 

  1. Go to AES Reg Link
  2. In the Filters field, enter "Crossfire MN" to see all Crossfire tournaments.
  3. Register your team/s for desired events. Include the age level in your team name (14-1, 15-Black, etc.)

Schedules will be released by Wednesday at 12noon before the weekend of the event. The schedule will become an active link when available to view. 

2022 Crossfire Playdates

Bethel University, Arden Hills (BU)
Crossfire Training Center, Champlin (CF)
Hopkins/Lindbergh Center, Minnetonka (LC)
  • Two types of playdates - officiated and unofficiated
  • Officiated
    • 3 matches in 3 hours or less
    • Cost: $145
  • Unofficiated
    • Play twice, officiate once
    • Cost: $75
  • Warmup volleyballs provided
  • JVA-sanctioned event. Teams of any affiliation can attend. 
  • AES Reg Link

officiated - 3 matches in 3 hours

Date Ages Site SCHDL/RSLTS
1/9 (Sun) 14s to 15s Champlin
1/15 (Sat) 13s to 18s Minnetonka
1/23 (Sun) 14s to 15s Champlin
1/29 (Sat) 13s to 18s Minnetonka
2/6 (Sun) 14s to 15s Champlin
2/26 (Sat) 13s to 18s Minnetonka
2/27 (Sun) 14s to 15s Champlin
3/5 (Sat) 13s to 18s Minnetonka
3/12 (Sat) 13s to 18s Minnetonka
6/4 (Sat) 15s to 18s Champlin
6/5 (Sun) 15s to 18s Champlin
6/11 (Sat) 15s to 18s Champlin
6/12 (Sun) 15s to 18s Champlin

unofficiated - play twice, ref once

Date Ages Site SCHDL/RSLTS
12/18 (Sat) 11/12's, 13/14's Champlin
12/18 (Sat) 15/16's, 17/18's Arden Hills
1/8 (Sat) 10's to 14's + YDT Champlin
1/15 (Sat) 10's to 14's + YDT Champlin
1/22 (Sat) 10's to 14's + YDT Champlin
2/5 (Sat) 10's to 14's + YDT Champlin
2/12 (Sat) 10's to 14's + YDT Champlin
2/19 (Sat) 10's to 16's + YDT Minnetonka
2/26 (Sat) 10's to 14's + YDT Champlin

2022 Crossfire full day tournaments

  • Officiated, cost: $185-$195
  • Unofficiated, cost: $125-$135
  • Warmup volleyballs provided
  • JVA-sanctioned event. Teams of any affiliation can attend. 
  • AES Reg Link


Date Ages Site SCHDL/RSLTS
3/5 (Sat) 15/16's Champlin
3/13 (Sun) 17/18's Champlin
3/19 (Sat) 15/16's Champlin
3/26 (Sat) 15/16's, 17/18's Minnetonka
3/27 (Sun) 15/16's Champlin
4/2 (Sat) 15/16's Champlin
4/10 (Sun) 15/16's Champlin
4/23 (Sat) 15/16's, 17/18's Minnetonka
4/24 (Sun) 15/16's Champlin


Date Ages Site SCHDL/RSLTS
1/8 (Sat) 13/14's, 15/16's Arden Hills
1/9 (Sun) 15/16's, 17/18's Arden Hills
1/15 (Sat) 13/14's, 15/16's Arden Hills
1/16 (Sun) 13's/14's Champlin
1/16 (Sun) 15/16's, 17/18's Arden Hills
1/22 (Sat) 13/14's, 15/16's Arden Hills
1/23 (Sun) 15/16's, 17/18's Arden Hills
1/29 (Sat) 11/12's, 13/14's Arden Hills
1/30 (Sun) 13/14's, 15/16's Arden Hills
2/12 (Sat) 13/14's, 15/16's Arden Hills
2/13 (Sun) 15/16's, 17/18's Arden Hills
3/5 (Sat) 13/14's, 15/16's Arden Hills
3/6 (Sun) 15/16's, 17/18's Arden Hills
3/6 (Sun) 13/14's Champlin
3/12 (Sat) 15/16's, 17/18's Arden Hills
3/12 (Sat) 11/12's Champlin
3/13 (Sun) 13/14's, 15/16's Arden Hills
3/19 (Sat) 13/14's, 15/16's Minnetonka
3/20 (Sun) 13/14's Champlin
3/26 (Sat) 13/14's Champlin
4/3 (Sun) 13/14's Champlin
4/9 (Sat) 15/16's, 17/18's Arden Hills
4/9 (Sat) 11/12's Champlin
4/9 (Sat) 13/14's Minnetonka
4/10 (Sun) 13/14's, 17/18's Arden Hills
4/16 (Sat) 13/14's Champlin
4/23 (Sat) 13/14's Champlin
4/30 (Sat) 13/14's, 15/16's Arden Hills
5/1 (Sun) 15/16's, 17/18's Arden Hills
5/7 (Sat) 15/16's Champlin
5/8 (Sun) 15/16's Champlin
5/14 (Sat) 13/14's Champlin
5/15 (Sun) 13/14's Champlin
5/21 (Sat) 15/16's Champlin
5/22 (Sun) 15/16's Champlin